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Deadline April 3rd, 2019

Hallie and Tamar Amelia E-4
Sidney Couch and her half Arabian Disney
youth gaha
Sidney Couch and her half Arabian Disney Presentation1

We love having our GAHA & Region 12 Youth members (Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida) share their stories and love for the Arabian or Half Arabian or Anglo Arabian horse!

The essay winners would be posted on the website & social media. They have the option to be presented at Region 12 Championships in May in Perry, GA if the winners will be able to attend.


Please include entry name, age, location in Region 12, and contact information in submission.

Deadline for submission is April 3rd. Please submit to


What has been your favorite or best experience(s) with an Arabian/Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian horse? Or what is your favorite memory(s) with an Arabian/Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian horse?

Minimum 10 sentences. Maximum 3 pages.

Two age groups:

-11 years old and under group (prize is BreyerHorse set donated by Kathy Gilker)

-12 - 18 years old group (prize is Barn Picture Frame donated by Kathy Gilker)

Winner will be decided by April 10th by Board Member & Officer vote. 


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