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GAHA Frequent Rider Programs

The Frequent Rider Programs (FRP) awards riders for every hour that they spend riding or driving an Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horse in non-competitive activities. The best part of the FRP is that the type of riding doesn't matter as long as it is non-competitive! Whether you use an Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horse to trail ride, do ranch work, participate in parades, take riding lessons, train under saddle or just ride or drive for pleasure, you can now be recognized and awarded for what you love most.


if you have any questions, please contact our 2020 Frequent Rider Program Committee Leader,

Angel Johns, at or at 678.910.3907

Click the following links for forms:

2020 GAHA Kids 10 Years and under Frequent Rider Program End of the Year Awards Sign Up Form



2020 GAHA Open/All-Breed Frequent Rider Program End of the Year Awards Sign Up Form



2020 GAHA/AHA Frequent Rider Program End of the Year Awards Sign Up Form



Click Here for Open GAHA FRP Log Form 

.PDF Version

Excel Version

2019 GAHA Frequent Rider Program End of the Year Awards

Program participants are defined as an individual rider, not a specific horse and rider combination. This means that as a rider, you may ride any number of horses, regardless of whether you own them or not, as long as they are all Arabians or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabians.

Which activities are recognized?

The FRP will recognize any activity with a registered Arabian or Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horse, as long as the participant is riding/driving the horse.

Some examples are:   

  • Trail Riding   

  • Parades   

  • Riding Lessons   

  • Training Under Saddle   

  • Ranch Work   

  • Demonstrations   

  • Pleasure Riding   

  • Pleasure Driving

Hours that do NOT count are any non-riding activities that might include Groundwork, Feeding, Cleaning Stalls, Tacking Up, Trailering and Veterinary Care.

Only non-competitive riding or driving hours, logged from January 1- December 25th of one calendar year, count towards the GAHA End of Year Frequent Rider Awards.

Hours MUST BE sent to GAHA FRP Chairperson NO LATER THAN December 25th of the award year to be eligible for GAHA Award Banquet to be held January of next year. 

2020 GAHA Frequent Rider Program End of the Year Results

Kids 10 years and younger

1st - Madison Fout - 75 hr level

2nd - Sophia Arias - 50 hr level

3rd - Sullivan Jett - 25 hour level

4th - Sawyer Jett - 25 hr level

5th - Bristol Bruce - 50 hr level

6th - River Johns - 50 hr level


1st - Dana Fout - 250 hr level

2nd - Susan White - 250 hr level

3rd - Shannon Thomason - 250 hr level

4th - Kathy Gilker - 100 hr level

5th - Jessica Gilker - 25 hr level

6th - Deanna Fout - 100 hr level

7th - Jamie Dehart - 100 hr level

8th - DeniseMasters - 25 hr level

9th - Angel Johns - 100 hr level

Certificate of Participation: Nancy Smith, Chantelle Noble, Meryl Lombardi, Megan Thomas, Kim Hill

CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of the 2020 Frequent Rider Program placers


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