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Targaryen TWF "Teddy"

2020 GAHA Ambassador Award Winner 

Owned by Katharina Huenermann

2016 Half-Arabian gelding 

Chestnut / 14.1 hands 

Winterlake Tristan x CNF Marteenna (Magneeto WLF+ x Fortenna AD) 

"Teddy showcases the Arabian breed in all their wonderful traits. He draws attention  and gains fans and friends wherever he goes, no matter if it’s little people, adults or  professionals. His quiet temper and coolness is what make him especially worthy, most notable  at his young age of only 4 years. 

The accomplishments he has made in the past two years are more than I’ve ever hoped and  dreamed for. From winning several Regional Championships in hand (Dressage and Hunter) in  both the Open and Amateur division from bringing home a Top 10 National award with my  mother presenting him in 2019, to conquering the Open Competition Circuit this year with huge  success.  

But that’s not all. Teddy has been an amazing advocate for our much loved breed. He was  invited to showcase the Arabian Breed at the Young Horse Symposium beginning of the year in  Ocala. He blew the judges away and the majority of the judges had him listed as the ideal 3-day  Eventer...

So while we were visiting Ocala, we have made stop at Lauren Nicholson’s (Former Kieffer)  farm to train with her and introduce Teddy to a perfect start to the Eventing world. It didn’t’ take but a minute for Lauren to fall in love with him.  Back home and limited to local events due to Covid, we stayed around the Atlanta area which  occurred to be to no disadvantage at all.

With the first shows in Eventing, Teddy stepped up from competing in Beginner Novice to Novice in only two events, and bringing home the blue ribbon in the latter competition and therefore winning the qualifier for the Young Event Horse class – in a class dominated by  professional riders with their big Thoroughbreds and very nice Warmblood crosses. 

Little but mighty, he convinced the judges at another major young horse qualifier in Chatsworth,  GA that he has what it takes to be successful. There he beat several very well bred  Warmbloods and took home two more first place ribbons in classes laid out for the 4-year old  Dressage horses. 

On top of that we had a lot of fun to jump around double clear in several classes at the Twilight  Jumpers at Chatthills several weeks ago.  

Talking about Chattahoochee Hills this little darling has made quite the impact at this gorgeous  venue over the last few months and the show committee has been a huge fan of his. With  referring/announcing him every time we enter the arena with the words: “The little Arab pony  that could”!  

Lots of fans have been rooting for him and have named him the next “Teddy O’Connor” (Olympic pony under 3-day Eventer Karen O’Connor).  

What a co-incidence that his nick name is Teddy. 

It was no surprise that the media took note of him eventually and featured him on their website  under “EN’s [Eventing Nation's] got talent."

Requirements to be Eligible:
- Horse must be owned by a current Georgia Arabian Horse Association member the year it is nominated for and the owner must be a member in good standing.
- Nominations must be submitted by no later than November 16th, 2020
- Nominations must include at least three (3) letters of recommendation - minimum of two (2) nomination letters must be submitted by current GAHA members in good standing. You are welcome to include one page of photos, one page with the horse's biography/resume, and maximum two pages per recommendation letter. Maximum of total pages submitted should be 10. Please make note of which recommendation letters are submitted by AHA/GAHA members.
- You must include the horse's registered name, AHA registration number, and owner's name. 
- Nomination to be submitted to
- Winner will be selected by majority vote by the GAHA Board and award sponsors.
- If no eligible horses are submitted, an award will not be given for that year.

To educate & support the breed locally through education, outreach & community with their Arabian horse. Furthermore, to recognize those who take the time to share their passion and knowledge of the Arabian horse with others! We believe that every single horse can make a huge impact for the future of the breed!

To educate and positively promote the Arabian horse as a breed on a local and/or regional level, to spread the word and help grow the local Arabian horse community through GAHA, and to acknowledge those who participate in community outreach for the Arabian Horse.


Award recipient will get a custom equestrian gift, a presentation at the Annual Luncheon & Awards Banquet as well as recognition on GAHA Website and Social Media.


In line with the Arabian Horse Association Ambassador Award, the Georgia Arabian Horse Association would like to recognize a local Arabian, Half Arabian or Anglo-Arabian that best represents the Arabian breed's diversity, versatility, athleticism, and friendliness while also promoting the Arabian breed outside the Arabian community to the general public or general equestrian community. We believe that every single horse can make a huge impact for the future of the breed!

The horse must have achieved an unique accomplishment or have been involved in demonstration(s) that showcase(s) the Arabian breed in order to be eligible. It must have been acknowledged and promoted that the horse was a representative of the Arabian breed in some form as well (for example: Banner, sign, or flyer, etc. displayed at event and/or promotion prior to event or demonstration, etc.).

Need ideas?
These are some examples that the Arabian, Half Arabian or Anglo Arabian may consider participating in: Presentations, participation or demonstrations in/for 4H clubs, saddle clubs, Girl Scout Troops, school programs/projects, & Boy Scouts; all-breed horse expos; celebrations or festivals; retirement communities; clinics; non-profit organizations; all breed shows or competitions; open, all breed regional competitions; parades; therapy programs or Special Olympics, etc. Consider asking to set up a booth and do a meet & greet at an event! Becoming an AHA Discovery Farm may give you some useful ideas & tools as well. Look into the following as well: Southern Equine Expo, South Carolina Horsemen's Council South Carolina Horse Expo, Georgia 4-H State Horse Show Judging Competition, Southeastern Regional Judging Contest, Sunbelt Ag Expo and The Georgia National Fair.

Intentionally Adira+/ "Lilly"

2019 GAHA Ambassador Award Winner 

Owned by Barbara Adler

Lilly has proven herself to be the epitome of the versatile Arabian Horse. She is a therapy horse and spokes-horse in her local community for Equine Therapy and the Arabian breed. She regularly has appearances at two of her local Tractor Supply Stores (even inside the store) and has begun to make her rounds at local nursing/assisted living homes. She has quite the fan base, even by Quarter Horse people. She also shows in trail, ranch riding and halter and has multiple National and Regional wins. Lilly was bred by Rohara Arabians/Zamira Arabians. Lilly is a 2013 grey mare by Star Intention and out of Eternal Gold SRA. 

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