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Are you passionate about the Arabian horse? Do you know an individual that wants to get involved with horses in Georgia, but doesn't know how? Do you want to make an impact on bringing together Arabian horse lovers in Georgia and the southeast? Do you want to share your love for the Arabian breed? Want to contribute to your local equestrian community AND meet fellow equestrians?

We would LOVE to have your participation as a volunteer...even if you don't own a horse! Please contact us at if you would like to get more hands on behind the scenes virtually or in person at our events or activities!

There is a volunteer award at the end of the year presented by the GAHA President! 

GAHA President's Award Winners

2022: Mike Moak

2021: Connie Green

2020: Nancy Smith

2019: Susan White
2018: Megan Gilker

2017: Jessica Gilker

Arabian Horse Association Volunteer Service Club Level Award Winners

2019: Kathy Gilker and Adrienne Briant
2018: Pagan Gilman and Jessica Gilker

2014: Tracy Ratliff Lord

GAHA won the 2019 Arabian Horse Association Club Excellence Award for Club Projects

We could not do all this without our wonderful volunteers who helped run these programs and events and all those in the GAHA community who participated in them or sponsored them! Click HERE to see our 2019 submission.

We have 7 committees and would like to have 5-10 volunteer members per committee to help divide responsibilities. Not interested in being on a committee but want to help with certain events? Just let us know!

Committee Descriptions 


All committees report to Board each month, 2nd Wednesday at noon of the month. Committee Head, or if committee head is unable to attend call, another committee member is to report during meeting or send summary before meeting agenda is sent out. 


- Youth Committee: Helps get our youth membership and youth community involved in the Arabian horse through events, contests, helping them sign up for our High Point Program and Frequent Rider Program, and making sure they are aware of scholarship opportunities through Region 12 and AHA. Supports the Region 12 Youth Jamboree Program. Keeps membership and board members updates on Arabian Horse deadlines that involved youth events such as scholarships, horse judging contests, etc. Works closely with Communication and Membership committee. Reaches out to local Girl Scouts, saddle clubs, 4H clubs, FFA clubs about our programs available for youth and upcoming youth events. Helps gather material for Youth Features and end of the year youth slide show. If a GAHA Youth has accomplished something well known help Communication committee get Youth submitted in publications and in AHA material. 

2023 Committee Head: Hannah Nicholson

Committee Members:


Public Relations/Communication Committee: Runs Facebook, Instagram, website and creates monthly newsletter. Creates flyers and material for GAHA programs and events or helps manages materials & budgets for projects. Reaches out to publications, newspapers, magazines, news stations about upcoming events. Helps promote the Arabian horse & GAHA to general equestrian community. Other committees to keep in contact with this committee to make sure important deadlines are announced on social media and website in a timely manner. See GAHA Marketing/Communication plan.

2023 Members: 

2023 Website & Newsletter Editor: Hannah Nicholson


-Trail Ride/Frequent Rider Committee: Helps plan 1-2 GAHA trail rides a year. Works on sign ups, organizes lunchtime speaker(s), collects waivers, etc. Supports GAHA Frequent Rider Program and helps spread the word about this new program. Helps come up with awards for top GAHA Frequent Rider high hour winners. Works to help spread the word about the trail ride events and works closely with Communication Committee and Event Committee. Helps endurance and competitive trail riders sign up for our High Point program. 


TRAIL RIDE EAST:     Missy Snyder

TRAIL RIDE WEST:   Adrienne Briant, Shannon Thomason


- Event/Clinic Committee:  Helps to organize events, plan schedules, gather needed material for events, etc. Reaches out to different organizations (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, lesson programs, saddle clubs, Women's clubs, etc) in the area to personally invite them to GAHA events. Works closely with Communication Committee. Make sure Communication Committee has all updated information regarding events in order to create proper flyers and images for events in a timely manner (preferably minimum 3 months out from event). These are behind the scenes or day-of volunteers for events. 

2023 Members: 


- Sponsorship & Silent Auction Committee: Helps invite businesses, farms, etc. to become GAHA Sponsors and know our different options for sponsorships. Helps gather raffle or silent auctions for events. Makes sure our Sponsors are updated about upcoming events if they want to send us marketing material to put out depending on their level of sponsorship. Helps to thank our sponsor & donors on social media and in other outlets. Also, makes sure Communication Committee is updated with information of new sponsorships so we can properly thank and promote them on the website & in newsletters.

2023 Committee Members: 


- Membership Committee: Follow up with members who's membership is expiring, answers questions on how to sign up, sends each new member a "Thank you for Joining" or "Thank you for renewing" letter. Works closely with Communication and Event committee to help keep our membership updated on GAHA events, GAHA programs, and GAHA/AHA deadlines.  Asks membership to submit videos, photos, stories, adventures, show results with their Arabian and Half Arabian horses. Asks membership to submit bio and photos for #MemberMonday and Youth Member of the Month on our social media. Makes sure that our members are added to the newsletter email list.

2023 Committee Head: Shannon Thomason

Committee Members: 

- High Point Committee: Helps educate members and potential members on end of the year awards program. Helps promote this program and notifies farms, lesson programs, etc. know about the program. Helps put together awards and awards ceremony for annual January luncheon & award presentation. 

2023 Committee Head: Connie Green 

Committee Members: 

- Silent Auction Committee: Organizes and collects items for annual silent auction. Helps create bid sheets and tally totals at end of silent auction that is held at annual luncheon. 

2023 Committee: 

- Annual Luncheon Committee: Organizes, plans, and puts together annual awards & meeting luncheon. Must take place in January each year.

2023 Committee: Fran Nicholson and Hannah Nicholson

- Horse Show Committee: Helps keep the membership up-to-date on Region 12 and AHA National level competition opportunities and deadlines. Helps answer "Horse Show How-To" questions. Posts on social media Region 12/AHA horse show updates, deadlines and tips. Assists GAHA members with connecting in-person at horse shows. 

2023 Committee: 

Interested in hosting a GAHA fundraiser event? Please see attached sheets & send to for board review & approval:

2020 Event Check List: PDF / .DOCX

Sample Sign Up Form: PDF / .DOCX

Please make sure your date(s) options do not conflict with other GAHA dates. Please review GAHA calendar

Thank you!

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