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Deadline May 31, 2020

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In the recognition of the Arabian Horse Month of May!

We encourage all GAHA members to participate to help display and share their love for the Arabian Horse and what they enjoy most about the Arabian Horse.
Submissions can include artwork, photography or a written piece.

Age divisions:
~ 11 years old and younger
~ 12-18 years old
~ 19 years old and over

Please email submission to with:
- Name
- Age/Age Bracket
- Contact information or contact information for parent or guardian if a youth member. Please include address, phone number and email.

DEADLINE May 31st at noon.

Please note by submitting an entry you accept that GAHA may post entries on website or social media. Winners will be featured on GAHA website, social media, newsletter and recognized at our annual awards meeting in January 2021.

Contest prizes generously sponsored by Nancy Smith, Angel Johns, & Kathy Gilker

If you are not sure your GAHA membership is up-to-date, please contact our volunteer Membership Coordinator Shannon Thomason at

See the 2020 Arabian Horse Creative Contest winners here 


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