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Do you love, breed, ride or show an Arabian, Half Arabian or Anglo Arabian? Become a member of the Georgia Arabian Horse Association today! We are excited to be able to create a community around the love of the Arabian horse and would love for you to be a part of it! As a member you will get access to GAHA hosted shows, clinics, trail rides and other activities and programs! As a GAHA member you will receive discounts to our clinics and seminars. We would love people to get involved with the club as well, so if you're interested in volunteering in person at an event or show or "virtually" via email or conference call, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can learn more about our different volunteer committees.

Additionally, as a GAHA member, if you join the GAHA Awards programs High Point Awards program and/or Frequent Rider program you will get rewarded for your riding hours and/or showing in Open/All Breed and Arabian Horse Association shows! As a GAHA member, you will eligible to submit your horse to win the GAHA Arabian Horse Ambassador Award; youth members are eligible to win GAHA Youth of the Year Award as well as participate in other club contests.

Those who plan to show horses in Arabian Horse Association (AHA) approved shows, Regional Shows and National Shows, and/or participate in National/Regional Futurities, participate in AHA Youth Scholarships, enter their horse in any AHA award program such as the AHA Ambassador Award, AHA Open Competition Award, and AHA Distance Horse of the Year Award, USDF All Breed Dressage Award and receive AHA mailings, you also MUST also be a member of AHA. Please contact us if you have any questions on what else is offered as an AHA/GAHA member.

Even if you don't own a horse or ride anymore - please join us!

CLICK the following for the 2024 MEMBERSHIP FORM:


PDF Form

GAHA-Only (non-voting, 1 year member, non-AHA. $20.00)

Online Fillable Form

PDF Form

DOC Form

Please note there is a Credit Card Processing Fee on Payment for PayPal.

Checks will not have any additional fees.

Please contact 2020 Membership Chairperson Shannon Thomason at or

with any questions.

Not sure if your membership is up-to-date? Email us or check the following lists:

GAHA/ AHA Member List as of 3/19/21

GAHA/AHA Member List as of 2/8/21

GAHA/AHA Member List as of 5/6/21

GAHA-Only Member List as of 2021

It is less expensive to join Arabian Horse Association through an affiliated club membership such as GAHA. AHA dues are on a 12 month renewal dependence when you sign up. Example: You join in June, your renewal is in June the following year. Being a GAHA/AHA member allows you to vote in yearly elections, participate in countless award programs through AHA and GAHA. Being a GAHA/AHA member allows you to attend the yearly AHA convention as well.


We also offer a GAHA-Only Membership option for those Arabian Horse owners and friends who do not show in AHA recognized shows but do want be eligible for our High Point Year End Awards in the Open Show/Competition categories or the Open GAHA Frequent Rider Program, GAHA Youth of the Year Award, or GAHA Ambassador Award. This GAHA-Only Membership option must be renewed the 1st of every year, no matter what time of year you signed up.

Members: want to be featured on our social media? We are featuring a member monthly -or even weekly!

Fill out our Member Feature Questionnaire:  

See previous Member Features!

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