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Behind the Barn Doors

Ellen Ketchum
dale brown

We want to feature our members' versatile and sweet Arabian, Half Arabian, or Anglo Arab horses!

This is an opportunity for our members to help introduce the community to the world of Arabian Horses.

Fill out our "Behind the Barn Doors" form:


Members please also submit your photos, videos, awards, stories, fun or sweet moments with

your Arabian, Half Arabian or Anglo Arabian Horse throughout the year to or

Not sure if you are a current member of GAHA? Check the GAHA rosters at Membership or contact

Please note anything submitted will be published as is - no additional editing will be provided as volunteers work on our social media.


Possession PGA +//

Boston Legal TTF +

TF Afrikhan Light

Austin Bey

Play It By Ear


Cloud Singer

SS Charleston

Koweta Khalypso 

Beyond The Seaz+/

Eagle Al Nateeh

JAG Khasanova

Click Here for the GAHA Behind The Barn Doors 2020 Contest Submissions

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