Equestrian/Equine Resources for COVID-19



Know an Arabian horse owner in need? Be sure to contact the Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund and have them apply for assistance.


"The Horsemen’s Distress Fund, established in 2005 is a non-profit organization that was created to help members of the Arabian horse community during time of difficulty that arise from unexpected, catastrophic or calamitous events."



Need Georgia specific resources such as open feed stores, hay suppliers, barn help, etc. Please click HERE. Please also share your resources with others there as well.


Planning for Your Horse's Care During the COVID-19 Outbreak by MyHorseUniversity



Planning for your horse’s care during the novel coronavirus pandemic by  Michigan State University Extension



Know a horse owner that needs temporary assistance? Please visit: https://unitedhorsecoalition.org/resource-database/resources-for-owners/


Plan Ahead: Estate Planning for Your Horse



Tips to Keep Your Barn Safe From Spreading Coronavirus



American Association of Equine Practitioners​

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Equestrian Facilities




Safe Options for Rehoming Your Horse: https://www.safehorses.org/we-can-help/safe-options/?fbclid=IwAR38PfLN68FwdsCN4Qkwk4Jv_I2SvdcPr60D_OGMWGrcMaD_RjMWDVt8L4g

12 Tips for Selling a Horse: https://bit.ly/2Ps5wgE


Have an Arabian, Half Arabian, or Anglo Arabian for sale? Be sure they are added to the Arabian Horse Association's Marketplace! http://www.theregistry.org/marketplace/Classified/Search_pas.asp and https://www.theregistry.org/marketplace.asp

12 Tips for Selling a Horse: https://thehorse.com/111934/12-tips-for-selling-a-horse/


Horse-Selling Strategies in a Buyer's Market: https://practicalhorsemanmag.com/health-archive/horse-selling-strategies-in-a-buyers-market-11653


Selling a Horse? 18 Tips for Better Sale Photos & Videos: https://www.horsejournals.com/selling-horse-18-tips-better-sale-photos-videos


Promoting Your Arabian