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GAHA Gives Back

Know an equine/equestrian non-profit organization that positively impacts

the Arabian horse and/or community?

GAHA Members please be sure to submit nominations before April 25th, 2021

to & with subject line "GAHA Gives Back".

In your nomination please include:

  • Submitted by (Member Name) 

  • Organization Location

  • Organization website and Facebook page address (if applicable) 

  • Organization contact name and contact information 

  • Organization 501c3 information

  • Organization logo (if available)

  • How organization positively impacts the Arabian horse community, equestrian community and/or general community. Minimum 5 sentences.   

  • Any other information such as yearly amount of horses or people they help, history/background, notable certifications, testimonial, what they will use the funds from GAHA for, etc.

Members, if you need a form for the above please click the following:

.PDF or fillable .DOCX form

Nominations will be voted on by the GAHA membership and then finalists will be selected

by GAHA Board of Directors & Officers.  


Arabian Horseman’s Distress Fund $1000

Grune Heidi Farm Rescue $1000

Georgia Equine Rescue League $500

Arabian Horse Rescue $500

Hooves to Freedom, Iron Horse Therapy , Healing with Animals  $333 (each)



Trinity Rescue and Equine Sanctuary - $1,000.00

Arabian Horse Rescue Mission, Inc. - $1,000.00

Grune Heidi Farm Rescue - $500.00 (Tie)

Love This Horse Rescue - $500.00 (Tie)

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