2021 Virtual Silent Auction

January 2021

This year our annual silent auction will be ONLINE for the first time. We know how fun it is to have it in person but we hope to have some more fantastic donations for this year!

Interested in donating? Please visit our form at https://forms.gle/qhpdNaazUpoZRU2h8

Donations are due Monday, November 23rd.

Donations for our annual Silent Auction help GAHA host educational activities & programs for the entire equestrian community and support GAHA programs such as GAHA Give Back Program as well as ensure a bright future for our Arabian breed locally so we all can enjoy the Arabian Horse for years to come. We are committed to the Arabian, Half Arabian and Anglo-Arabian community in Georgia and with your assistance we hope to expand awareness of our horses and events!

Have a local business you would like to promote? Have a new (or used, but in very good condition) horse product or item that you aren’t using? Do you provide a service - body clipping, legal consultation, massage therapy, lessons or training, athletic training, car cleaning, saddle fitting, photography, videography, hair styling, custom equine nutrition consultation/plans, PEMF sessions, etc.? We know how fun it is to have the silent auction in person but we hope to have some more fantastic donations for this year! If donating a silent auction item does not fit your needs right now please consider becoming a 2021 GAHA Sponsor.

This silent auction will be an online auction that will take place during January 2021.

Interested in helping volunteer to manage the silent auction virtually? Please email info@georgia-arabian.com

2021 Silent Auction Donors

Mobile Integrative Veterinary Services LLC, Cara McNamee, DVM:  Initial exam and acupuncture treatment. Limited to within 1 hour driving distance of downtown Atlanta.

Jessica Ann Designs, Jessica Gilker:  Equestrian calendar, equestrian note cards, & equestrian tote