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GAHA Lowers Membership Dues! Renewing members may have already noticed, but effective November 1st, GAHA club dues were lowered from $25/ year to $10/ year. At the last Board Meeting, lowering the annual club dues was briefly discussed, and the motion was quickly passed unanimously. Recognizing that the continuing weak economy forces us all the make hard decisions where to spend our money, GAHA board members and officers made lowering the club dues a 1st step in helping Arabian horse owners stay involved. “Every single Arabian horse owner has been affected by the weakened economy. We felt that lowering club dues should be the first of many things we are looking at to help our current members and to give prospective members a lower rate. We are also reviewing show fees charged at the GAHA Summer Classic to see what positive adjustments we can make there too” said GAHA Club President, Ann Stover. Go to the Membership tab to find a GAHA membership form.